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Answers to frequently asked questions.

Who is eligible for the MIS Aero Host Tracking Program?

Management and owners of active airport facilities are eligible to implement the program for their location. Eligibility as well as feasibility is assessed by an MIS representative.

Why is participation free?

MIS is in the business of providing informative, secure and comprehensive data on the movements of airplanes to a qualified and relevant audience. Participation in the MIS Aero Host Tracking Program is only available to airport professionals, which allows us to increase our coverage, accuracy and redundancy by partnering with reliable and vested organizations and individuals.

What do I get for participating?

In exchange for hosting our equipment, program participants are provided access to the Premium MIS Aero Platform with feeds from all Aero Host Tracking locations. The premium package includes unlimited access to all of the functionality of the platform including real-time tracking and individual flight details.

How do I participate?

Fill out the form on this site, or contact us at 401-247-7780 and ask about being a host for the Aero Tracking Program. A representative will determine your eligibility and provide you with the information you need to join the program.

How do I get up and running?

After acceptance to the program, a representative from MIS will contact you to review the requirements and coordinate the equipment installation. Once the equipment is installed, the representative will show you how to access the MIS Aero Platform and provide any support you need to get started.

What exactly am I providing to MIS?

MIS will install three antennas, a box, cables, etc. The equipment needs a power source and an internet connection. The system is design to require a very small amount of your bandwidth to send data and will not affect your other internet activities.