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Operations Reports, Landing Fee Management, Custom Development

Real-time tracking and reporting for Commercial, Cargo and General Aviation Airports

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Our product makes real-time aircraft operations and aircraft data available 24x7 – in contrast to the rudimentary counting methods used in the past. We provide granular details such as how many days a based aircraft is at an airport, which can help verify aircraft for property tax billing.  We capture aircraft traffic patterns to help planners and engineers evaluate runway approaches, impacts on land uses around the airport, detect aircraft operating oversensitive or prohibited areas, and offer extensive reporting capabilities.  

Operations Reports

Arrival and departures of fixed wing and rotor aircraft. Aircraft type, runway used, contact details and more...

Live Tracking Display

Surface and airspace movements with a range of more than 200 nautical miles. Multiple overlays.

Historical Weather

ASAS/AWAS historical data at your fingertips. Useful for project planning, VFR/IFR days and more...

Based Aircraft

Upload based aircraft and filter reports by based, itinerant aircraft and aircraft fleets.

Landing Fees

Operations and landing fee schedules are combined to determine billable operations

Excel Export

Easily export underlying data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Tracking Program

Airport Surface and Airspace Tracking

The MotionInfo Tracking Platform uses tarmac level receivers at airports of all sizes to enable a comprehensive aviation tracking and reporting system that benefits both individual airports and the aviation industry as a whole.


Situational Awareness

Track VFR and IFR aircraft with no tiered blocking.

Our network consists of MotionInfo owned, airport hosted duel frequency ADS-B receivers. We do not block tail numbers.