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Grants & Funding

MotionInfo Systems has been chosen by certain states for funding by grants.

Current Grants & Funding

MotionInfo helps airports collect data that can be used for FAA reporting, pavement management, noise complaints, landing fees (with or without based aircraft) and flight traffic.

We are the most cost effective starting at $225 per month.  There is NO equipment to purchase (we provide & ship) with only the installation cost being assumed by the airport.

Indiana Office of Aviation

Eligible: Indiana Aviation System Plan Airports

$6000 ($1200 per year spread over 5 years) Starting: 2022

Tennessee Division of Aviation

Airports undergoing an Airport Layout Plan Update and other selected projects.

95% of System Cost for 12 months. Starting: 2022

North Carolina Department of Aviaition

North Carolina Aviation System Plan Airports

50% of System Cost (up to $3,000.00 per year) Perpetually. Starting: 2022